What is Pewter?

Pewter is a metal alloy consisting of tin, copper, antimony and sometimes small amounts of silver. Pewter has been used for centuries to create products such as dinnerware, utensils, and vessels for drinking. Pewter is a soft metal and melts at a low temperature making it relatively easy to work with.

Our Pewter

At Palmetto Pewter, we use a completely lead free alloy that is food safe. Our metal consists of 92% tin, 7.5% Antimony, and 0.5% Copper. This is a high grade alloy, perfect for Jewelry, ornaments, decorative tile, earrings, garden charms, and more.

How is Pewter Made?

Pewter products can be made by melting the pewter and pouring into molds, hammering out into sheet metal, or spinning on a lathe. At Palmetto Pewter, our designs are cast from the molten state into rubber molds. Our molds are created from a high temperature vulcanized rubber. The rubber mold is made from an original piece that is created from metal, clay, resin, etc. depending on the artist's preferred method of creation. The original is many times created from the ancient art of Lost-Wax casting. Some designs are gravity cast and sometimes they are spin cast from a centrifugal casting machine. Every piece is poured, filed, and polished by hand!

How to Care for Pewter

Since pewter no longer contains lead, it doesn't tarnish quite like you would think. If you would like a shiny finish, you can use a metal polish suitable for brass found at most hardware stores. If you would like to maintain the standard gray pewter finish that is a little dull in nature, we recommend cleaning with warm soapy water. Due to the high content of tin and low melting temperature, please avoid extreme heat conditions.

Palmetto Pewter is proud to be Made in USA